Cool Cats Coaching

The purr-fect way to reach your endurance goals

Whether polarized or pyramidal, short or long, fast or slow – my goal is to optimally prepare your body for competition by aiming for a long-term build-up of form while always ensuring adequate recovery. We forgo unnecessary supplements and instead pursue a sensible training philosophy. Consistency is key!

As a coach, my task is to optimally synchronize the interplay of training sessions in macro, meso, and micro cycles with the demands of your everyday life. I aim to create for you an effective and balanced training plan that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and supports you both physically and mentally in achieving your athletic goals.

Some Happy Athletes

After many years of training, Patrick managed with his coaching to make me achieve a huge leap in performance in a very short time, consistently beating my old personal records. With his calm and motivating manner, he creates clear structures that are individually tailored to the fitness level, needs, and life circumstances.

Stephan Triathlet

Since I started training with Patrick and following a training plan, I have improved in all distances (5K, 10K, 21K). In some cases so much that I can hardly believe it myself. And yet, we manage to integrate training into my daily routine, not the other way around. The sessions are fun, varied, and effective. And truth be told: sometimes they are really tough. But that's exactly what's needed - it's the perfect mix and that keeps it from ever getting boring.

Valerie Runner

I've been participating in Patrick's coaching practically from the first hour. While many years ago it was handball training, with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, I discovered cycling for myself. Initially, I only intended to use Patrick's services for three months as a complete beginner, just to see if I liked road biking and the coaching at all. Now, instead of three months, I've been here almost three years and, thanks to Patrick's motivating coaching, I can look back on a total distance of 8,000 km in 2022 as well as successful participations in Eschborn-Frankfurt and the Jedermann Tour.

Philipp Cyclist

Training with Patrick is really fun! Well, most of the time, though sometimes it includes the necessary kick in the butt, aka interval training. But that's exactly why I do it. And Patrick really adapts the plan very flexibly and, if necessary, even spontaneously to my everyday and sports schedules. Moreover, he motivates and also knows when to apply the brakes at the right time.

Nina Runner

As an experienced runner, I decided to take on a marathon challenge. Balancing extensive training with job and family often seems daunting, but not when you have Patrick as a coach! In 2022, he assisted me in preparing for the Lucerne Marathon. The great thing about Patrick's training is that he plans the sessions week by week around everyday life. If chaos strikes, adjustments are made. What was intended as a one-time endeavor has become a regular routine. Patrick helps me juggle everything in such a way that I am challenged but not overburdened. Since then, I've completed two more marathons, each faster than the last. And what's even more important – I'm healthy and enjoying it!

Tina Runner

Ever since I have had Patrick as a coach, my performance has been improving significantly. It's not only the specific training sessions that aid in progress, but also how they are incorporated into everyday life, even when time is tight due to work or other commitments. There was always a way for me to improve, which Patrick could show me. In short: a coach exactly as I could wish for. I look forward to everything that is yet to come!

Artur Runner

As a working mother, my daily life is a dynamic blend of responsibilities and changing schedules. For my marathon training, I need a plan that's not just adaptable but also tailor-made to fit the unique contours of my life, something beyond the scope of even the most advanced AI-based plans. Patrick fills this gap perfectly, expertly fine-tuning my training regimen. His method is deeply rooted in evidence and scientific principles, offering a diverse range of workouts, focused on core sessions when needed. Leading up to the Frankfurt Marathon, even the most intense training weeks were seamlessly integrated and adaptable to sudden changes. The outcome? A remarkable 15-minute improvement in my best marathon time at Frankfurt, and I'm eagerly anticipating the next athletic milestones!

Swantje Runner