About me

This is me

Writing about oneself is really weird, but well, here we are, so let's get started:


Hello, I'm Patrick, 35 years old and a psychologist. In my profession as a doctoral candidate and scientist in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, my research is focused on how people process wins and losses. Additionally, I am pursuing postgraduate training to become a psychological psychotherapist and am currently working primarily with patients with substance use and affective disorders. 


In my free time, I participate in endurance events of all distances. It all started with my first triathlon in Eberbach when I was the only one standing on the boat in 10 degrees Celsius without a wetsuit, wondering if this "triathlon" was a good idea. A few years and several short-distance triathlons in the Rhine-Neckar region later, I took on the middle distance in Cologne and prepared for my first Ironman in Frankfurt in 2016. This was followed by three German championship titles over the sprint and super sprint distances, where I had the honor of guiding the blind paratriathlete Ralf Arnold, before my journey led me to an extreme triathlon called Swissman in 2018. 


I don't just train myself, but I have also been coaching athletes in various sports for over 15 years: starting with handball, then moving on to running and (para-)triathlon. In 2020, I began remotely training endurance athletes, preparing them for a wide array of competitions. 

Training and Education

At the same time, a solid education is important to me – that's the scientist in me – and so I have obtained a C-license in triathlon from the BWTV as well as the fitness trainer C-license, and I keep myself up-to-date with the latest developments in sports science.

Brief Glimpse

So that was a brief insight into my life and education. If you have any questions or are interested in an initial conversation, please get in touch.