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As a coach and researcher, I work on an evidence-based approach, integrating scientific methods and insights from practical experience in the planning of my training programs.  In doing so, I pay attention to ideal load management and aim to create a broad base through well-developed fundamental endurance. An important aspect of this work on fundamental endurance is polarized training. 

Polarized and Pyramidal

By finding the ideal ratio of low-intensity to high-intensity sessions, optimal stimulation of the body can be achieved. This leads to a long-term buildup of form with minimal risk of injury. Therefore, the 80/20 principle is another important component of my work. As the season progresses, training becomes increasingly specific, thus tailored to the discipline and distance. 

Recovery Without Nonsense

Recovery is a crucial factor in achieving long-term progress. By regenerating, the body gets the necessary time to recover from the strains of training and to continue developing. I forego unnecessary supplements, gadgets, or other frills for which there is no empirical evidence. 

Consistency is key

For me, it's important that one's own life and commitments should always take precedence over training. As a coach, I am convinced that a balanced equilibrium among leisure, sports, and work leads to a healthier and more content life. Therefore, it's crucial that training is integrated into daily life and does not become a burden. No single session is as important as the big picture.

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