• Day-by-day Plans

    Every day is planned in detail and filled with specific sessions, that together contribute to a comprehensive training regimen.

  • TrainingPeaks

    Every Sunday, your training plan is provided to you via the TrainingPeaks platform. This allows you to conveniently transfer the sessions to your devices (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) and focus entirely on your workout.

  • Performance Tests

    To evaluate the effectiveness of our joint training, we regularly conduct performance tests that you can comfortably complete from home.

  • Communication

    Close communication is absolutely crucial, so there are no restrictions or other nonsense. Communication is key!

  • No Minimum Contract Term

    Give it a try and find out if a training plan and our collaboration as coach and athlete align with your goal achievement.

  • Mental Aspects of Sports Performance

    As a psychologist, I am especially dedicated to the mental preparation for competitions. I place great emphasis on regularly focusing on this during training to ensure peak performance in high-pressure situations.


120,00 Month

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